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Introducing the New Anchored In Faith Journals

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I've been dreaming of creating journals for as long as I could remember, so releasing these journals is a dream come true for me!


Journaling has been a great joy of mine for years and to be able to share two of the many ways I journal, well, it warms my heart!

After hearing stories and listening to some peoples' take on journaling, I feel the need to explain exactly what journaling is to me and how I journal. This will better help you utilize the journals available in the Anchored In Faith Shop.

When I use the word journaling, it isn't a Dear Diary, Let Me Talk About My Day, kind of thing.

No, it's more of a Talking And Chatting With God kind of thing.

My kind of journaling is more so love letters to God in the form of prayers, gratitude, thoughts, and scripture.  

I started using a gratitude journal back in 2012 ( a spiral notebook and a sheet of paper) and what I found was that when you intentionally express gratitude, it changes your life. Seriously!

I found myself complaining less and experiencing real joy. It literally changed who I was as a wife, mom, friend, a overall person--and I haven't looked back since.

In the Gratitude Journal, a daily space is provided for you to Give Thanks, and a space is provided for you to also express your Failings. I wanted to add the "Failings" part because many of us get stuck in our mistakes and what we may have done wrong or have "fallen short". This can cause us to live our life in shame and keep us from living in gratitude, which causes us to forget God's amazing grace---even in our shortcomings.

So, instead of focusing on our failings, I believe we should thank them and praise God for His grace in them. God wants us to learn from our failings; but we can't learn from them if we don't acknowledge them.

We should only acknowledge and learn from our failing, not dwell in them. Writing them down, allows us to focus our prayers and see where we are in desperate need of God's daily guidance.This brings me to the Prayer Journals (or C.H.A.T. ) Journals!

In 2015, I began my day with a CHAT with God; that's Confess, Honor, Thank, and Ask.  And what a blessing it has been to my life.

I think the biggest thing is being able to look back in that notebook and see where God made a way, calmed my fears and concerns, and/or just answered my prayers! It's truly been an amazing journey to intentionally C.H.A.T. with God daily in this way.

In the Confess section, this is where I would humble myself and present to God my shortcoming. Whether it was asking for forgiveness from a thing or bad thoughts, or acknowledging my lack of putting Him first in my life. It's not like God doesn't already know our wrongdoings and imperfections. He sees and know everything!

No one is prefect and in order for us to cultivate a closer relationship with God we must be honest in our flaws; humbling ourselves before His throne of grace! ---"He who conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will find compassion." Proverbs 28:13

In the Honor section, I would praise God with my words through writing out how amazing and awesome He is! Honoring Him always brings me to a place of pure and honest worship. There's something about recognizing God for just being God! 

In the Ask section, well, I think it speaks for itself. This is where I would write down the desires of my heart and make my request known.

It's amazing how when you've taken the time to humble yourself (confess), and acknowledge Him (honor) first, your asking takes on a different form. You will find that your desires will begin to be whatever God desires for your life.

Lastly, In the Thank section, this is where I poured out the thanks!! God deserves it Every. Single. Day!

These two journaling practices have enriched my life tremendously.

My prayer is that they will bless you as much as they have blessed me, if not more. The key is making it a habit!

We're all busy but we should never be too busy to find time to cultivate and grow a stronger relationship with God---and journaling your prayers and gratitude is a great way to do just that! After all, He is our anchor!

Enjoy and Happy Journaling!


 ---Jessica A. Brown

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    Thank you!!;)

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    Congratulations on your new journals. Dreams really can come true when we are persistent.

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