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Is God in your plans?

October 2015

“Many plans are in a man’s heart, But the counsel of the Lord will stand.” Proverbs 19:21

Are you asking God to get on board with your plans or Are you on board with His plans? There is a difference!

There were many times when I would come up with an idea or make decisions according to what I wanted to do and not even consider God. Those were the times when I was most anxious and frustrated. The reason was simple, I was trying to do my own thing. We become so impatient and decide to take matters into our own hands instead of waiting on the Lord. Don’t get so caught up in doing your own thing that you leave God out of the equation. He is the equation. He can add and subtract what you need and what you don’t need BUT best of all He has the final answer! I encourage you today to ask Him to order your steps according to His purpose and watch him lead you in the right direction!



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