Printable Gratitude Journal

Printable Gratitude Journal

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Gratitude not only changes your attitudes but it changes you from the inside out in the most beautiful way.


On the first page of this journal you will find an About page explaining how to specifically use the journal.

Each day is one page, broken into two sections. 

Section one is Give Thanks. This is where, with a grateful heart, you write down a few things to give thanks to and for from the day. 

Section two is called Failings. This is where you are able to write down where you may have fallen short (or failed) in your day and thank it! Yes, thank it for the wisdom gained from it and God’s amazing grace in it. Don’t dwell in your failing, but acknowledge them, thank them and fail forward!

Print as many pages as you'd like to create your very own notebook full of gratitude!:)

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