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About Jessica

I’m Jessica A. Brown, Author and founder of Anchored In Faith. I’m so glad you’re here.

So, What is about you ask?

Well, way before I became a wife and mom – and life became a total zoo – I found happiness in journaling my thoughts. Not only has it brought great joy to my life but it’s been a great tool of healing and preparation. I honestly didn’t realize how much I journaled until one day my husband asked if I had a spare notebook, only to discover that the box filled with journals and notebooks stashed in the office closet were all occupied. Yep, filled with writings by yours truly! After getting over the initial embarrassment of just how much I write about my thoughts, feelings and goals (and the fact that out of the approx. 20 notebooks I had NOT ONE to spare for my husband) I tucked them back into the box and moved on.

Not until recently did I dig out those journals and notebooks and read through them, one by one. Reading through my own writing was not only liberating but allowed me to reflect on the impact that journaling has had on my life.  It brought back so many emotions – everything from laughter to real tears. I especially love going back through some of my prayer journals and seeing how far the Lord has brought me and the many times he has kept me and my family through everything. That’s where ANCHORED IN FAITH comes from. The Lord has been my anchor!! Through my journaling, I was inspired and lead by God to write my first book Neglected Dreams followed by my second book, Thank Your Way Through Life, released in January of 2017.

My hope is that the tools provided by Anchored In Faith will be a blessing to you and provide inspiration on your journey to growing your personal relationship with God. 

More About Jessica

Jessica is originally from Atlanta, Georgia but currently lives in Miami, Florida with her husband and three boys.

Jessica is also the creator of the MomLikes app and brand. You can find more info at